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    Automatic Silicon Wafer Inserting-cleaning All-in-one Machine
    Time:[2016-7-6 14:03:07]

    Equipment Name: Automatic Silicon Wafer Inserting-cleaning All-in-one Machine
    Device Type:  SG2Y40-11CH400P
    Functions and Features: 

    1. Inserting,cleaning,loading is truly realized automatic in this cleaning line.Wafer inserting,cassette loading,empty cassette removing by manual is cancelled.Many labor can be saved in the cleaning phase and its cleaning efficiency is greatly raised.The intensity of labor for operating is decreased largely.

    2. The double-heads inserting system is used in the machine and its efficiency is greatly raised.

    3. Added the function of fragment wafer testing.

    4. Used the through drying with energy-saving,the cleaning cost reduced greatly.

    5. Seamless jointed with the Metrology Sorter System. 

    6。 Reduced wafer fragment caused by manual operation。The finished product rate is greatly improved。

    7。 High automation,easy to operate,facilitates the daily supervisory work and maintenance。

    Cleaning Process:

    Loading→automatic separatingfragment wafer testing→automatic inserting→cassette entered into the location of loading for cleaning grabbed automaticly by mechanical arm→ultrasonic cleaning→ultrasonic alkali cleaning→ultrasonic alkali cleaning→ultrasonic rinsing→ultrasonic medicine cleaning→ultrasonic rinsing→ultrasonic rinsing→dehydrating with slowly pulling→dryingdrying→automatic discharging→cassette entered into the loading location of seperator machine grabbed automaticly by mechanical arm→automatic inspecting wafer of seperator→empty cassette entered into the location of rotary system grabbed automaticly by mechanical arm→empty cassette entered into the location of inserting

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