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    Automatic Track Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Time:[2016-7-6 13:37:20]

    Equipment Name: Automatic Track Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Device Type: SGC28-04

    Functions and Features:

    1. Compacted structure to easily connect with other on-line working procedure. And it is widely used in industry of cleaning.

    2. Main structure parts and transmitting mesh belt made of stainless steel to prolong service life.

    3. Used face to face ultrasonic radiation technique to clean more efficient.

    4. Equipped with a circulating filtration system,spraying system,pressure and flow adjustable and a lower fluid level protection device.

    5。 The drying tunnel has the function of hot air circulated and temperature auto-controled to reduce the consumption of heat power。

    6. Adjustable conveying speed,continuous work,high automation to meet the needs of mass cleaning production.

    Application Scope: Precision bearing,automobile/motorcycle brake pads,magnetic materials,hardware parts,and so on.

    Cleaning Process:

    Loading→ultrasonic cleaning→spray rinsing→oiled & antirusting→wind cutting→drying→unloading

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