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    SGR Series Single / Multi-tanks Luffing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Time:[2016-7-6 13:34:12]

    Equipment Name: SGR Series Single or Multi-tanks Luffing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    Equipment Model: SGR series

    Application Scope: SGR series ultrasonic cleaning system is designed by our company,combining with the advantages of foreign and domestic trades.The equipment is mainly used in single monocystal silicon wafer,electric parts,lens hardware and precision mechanical parts.

    Features:1.With stainless steel structure,it is beautiful in appearance and compact and reasonable in structure.

             2.It is equipped with liquid level safety control system,which ensures normal operation of the equipment.

             3.It is equipped with filter system,which ensures cleanliness of solution.

             4.With heating and automatic constant temperature system,its constant temperature range is 20℃-90℃(adjustable).

             5.With water and an appropriate amount of cleaning agent as the cleaning solution,the cost is low and the process is mature.

             6。Unique design of sawtooth overflow gap ensures enough water level and continually overflows the dirt floating on the water surface。

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