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    SGD/SGT Series Standard Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Time:[2016-7-6 13:32:58]

    SGT Split Machine

    SGD Integrated Machine

    Equipment Name: SGD/SGT Series Standard Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Device Type: SGD/SGT Series.

    Functions and Features:

    1. Designed with stainless steel structure,it is attractive,durable and convenient for maintenance.

    2。 Adopting imported adhesive from USA to prevent transducer from breaking off。

    3。 Designed with temperature control and power adjustment(according to customer's requirement)。

    Applicable Scope:

    It is used to clean electronic parts,electroplated parts,precision machined parts,watchbands,watch cases,spectacle frames,eyeglass,jewelry,semiconductor silicon wafer,spinnerette,filter core and glassware etc.

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