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    Ultrasonic Generator, Ultrasonic Vibration Plate
    Time:[2016-7-6 13:31:45]

    The ultrasonic transducer is manufactured by the 715th Research Institute of CSIC and its ship is from Germany Sailangtaike。The transducer is glued by Switzerland Ciba Glue combined with advanced glued technique to ensure transducer never falling off。The ultrasonic frequency includes 25KHz,28KHz,40KHz,58KHz,68KHz,80KHz,100KHz,120KHz。

    The ultrasonic vigrating board is made of high qualityδ2.5mm316 stainless steel by compression molding to ensure it against water leaking.Its radiating surface undergoes special treatment.With out affecting ultrasonic effect,its service life is increased more than 50%.The product is extensively applied in pre-treatment and post-treatment procedure in processes such as electroplating,coating,electrophoresis and paint spraying,It is featured with easy operated,easy replaced without collision among work pieces.It can continuously operate,so it is applicable for mass production.The cleaning tank is of high quality 304 stainless steel to meet acid or alkaline cleaning and durability requirement.

    The ultrasonic generator is used the"BRANSON”technology ofUSAcombined with extra-exciting superpower IC designed and developed by our company to ensure the strong output of ultrasonic.

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