should be how to use and maintenance
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    Ultrasonic cleaning machine should be how to use and maintenance
    With the rapid growth of modern vehicles, locomotives, aircraft and other means of transport, the maintenance services have put forward higher requirements. Traditional parts cleaning methods can not meet the modern engine, gearbox and other parts of the re assembly process requirements, parts cleaning in the modern maintenance company occupies an increasingly important position.
    So after the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, how to use and maintenance of it?
    zhnagjiagangshengda  Ultrasonic Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in ultrasonic cleaning equipment design, development, manufacturing, our company has more than ten years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning industry, and share with you the following matters needing attention about the ultrasonic cleaning machine and daily maintenance.
    Safety operation flow of ultrasonic cleaning machine:
    1, check
    Open the packing box, check the appearance of the equipment is damaged, control the internal electrical components are loose, if there is a need to be fixed first. If the appearance is damaged, should contact us immediately, do not install and use without authorization.
    2, wiring
    The power line, the aviation plug and the heater power supply according to the wiring diagram the correct access control box, and grounding; if do not understand the problem, please contact customer service department buck, I will call the whole instruction; if you have any special needs, will be rushed to the scene for installation and commissioning training.
    3, preheating
    Closed air, the temperature control meter set to 70 degrees (also set the temperature according to the actual situation), start the total power supply and heating switch, start heating.
    4, into the cleaning agent
    When the temperature is heated to the set temperature, the cleaning agent is melted and then put into the cleaning tank, and the ultrasonic power is turned on, so that the cleaning agent can reach the working state.
    5, pretreatment
    The surface of the heavy oil, coke and other attachments are pre processed, ready for the road after cleaning.
    6, ultrasonic cleaning
    The workpiece into the cleaning tank, according to different cleaning parts set a good cleaning time, began to clean.
    Note: the workpiece is put into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, cleaning, due to differences in temperature and temperature fluctuations and other parts in the water, there may be relatively harsh Whistler, this phenomenon is normal, a few minutes to calm down level is good, please do not panic.
    7, rinse and dry
    When the time is set, the cleaning piece is taken out, and when the water is washed out, the adhering material can be washed, and the cleaning process is completed.
    This is the work of the general ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning process, according to the workpiece and pollutants, the cleaning process may be different, they do not understand the place, please first time to contact the manufacturers, to provide you with the best customer service service.

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